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We have designed and curated our lectures , so that they don’t require any special technical background. You are presented with an extensive Glossary, which you can use throughout the course.Our course is designed for non-developers, so you don't need any prior knowledge or skills.

Some of the topics in the syllabus are :


Origins of blockchain tech, types, validators, nodes and 65 more topics.


Tokens, coins, networks, chains, wallets, keys, and 37 more topics.

Smart Contracts

Consensus types, transactions, staking, EVMs, and 42 more topics.


A deep dive into the NFT world, how it works and who is it for.


Zero- Knowledge Proof and why it is the future of the industry.


Private vs.Public keys, hashing, SHA256 and 12 more topics.


What are the different type of crypto wallets, and how to use them.


Nodes, validators, block times and everything else about minig.

Layer 2

What is Layer 2, BTC Lightning network, Polygon and 27 more topics.


Challenges, opportunities and explanation regarding Decentralised Finance


Company formation, Jurisdictions,KYC, KYB and 16 more topics. 


CEX, DEX, trading strategies, opportunities, and 41 more topics.

Our academy course is constantly expanding

We update the content monthly. Blockchain and crypto space is fast evolving, so we make sure everything new and related is added to the content on a monthly basis.


Your Certificate is an NFT

After completing all the exams, you will receive a digital certificate proving that you are a Certified Blockchain&Crypto Professional.

Feel free to upload it you your LinkedIn page or attach to your resume

Your certificates will be made into an NFT, making it eternal on the blockchain.

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Our academy content has been recognised as essential by the major companies in the IT and related spaces. It provides the must-know skills and knowledge needed for the next 10 years.

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Vasil Barbov

Accountant Analyst at Cargill

"Getting to know more about Blockchain and Crypto helped me understand the reason behind certain design patterns and UI/UX. I am confident know that I can excel in every company which requires such skills and knowledge."

Julia Miller

Web Designer at Takeaway

"Understanding critical concepts about blockchain products has helped me tremendously in finding new employment opportunities. I currently work at a Software company, specialising in crypto software, and I can definitely stand out from my colleagues with the knowledge gained from BUIDL.Academy"

Anie Gomez

Sales Engineer

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Ever-Expanding Syllabus

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Graduate Certificate is an online PDF and NFT on Ethereum Blockchain